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Captain Morgan Releases Apple Smash

Capt. Morgan Apple Smash narrow

August 9, 2018 – Captain Morgan’s latest foray into the fruit and veg department is Apple Smash now available in stores just in time for National Rum Day on August 16.

Apple Smash comes in the familiar round cannonball bottle this time in bright green scratch and sniff cladding.  And, yes, it does smell like a tart green apple.

Two ways to enjoy Apple Smash

Capt. Morgan Apple Smash

Captain Morgan Apple Smash can be served as a chilled shot or it can be made into a quick and easy cooling cocktail such as the Captain Morgan Apple Smash & Soda – just muddle some mint leaves in a highball glass, add 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Apple Smash and 4 oz. club soda.  Add ice and stir.  Or try Captain Morgan Apple Smash & Ginger – Mix 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Apple Smash with 4 oz. ginger ale.  Add ice and garnish with lime.

Price and Availability

Apple Smash will be available year ‘round and we’ll be posting “smashing” cocktail recipes in the fall. Apple Smash (60 proof, 30% ABV) has a suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 750 ml bottle.