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Ketel One Botanicals for an Elegant & Easy Labor Day

Ketel One Botanical Varietals

August 25, 2018 – Ketel One Botanicals are the solution to laboring less on Labor Day, summer’s unofficial end and casual entertaining’s big finale.

There’s every reason to offer guests a simple, sophisticated Botanical and soda.  Let’s start with great fresh flavor whether you choose to serve any one of these three Ketel One Botanical Varietals:

Peach & Orange BlossomKetel One Peach Orange Blossom

Grapefruit & RoseKetel One Botanical & Soda Grapefruit & Rose

Cucumber & MintKetel One Cucumber & Mint

The flavors are so fresh and real we almost expect real pieces of fresh fruit to come tumbling out of the bottle. There is no hint of anything artificial at all because everything is natural.  There are no carbs, no added sugar, only 73 calories, made with 100% GMO free grain and only 30% ABV.  Perfect sipping for the health and diet conscious.

For a Botanical and Soda, all you do is:

  •      Grab a wine glass
  •      Fill it with ice
  •      Add 1.5 oz. of Ketel One Botanical
  •      Top with sparkling water (about 3 oz)
  •      Garnish of your choice (cucumber, citrus or fruit slice)

If you want a bit more Botanical flavor, try two parts vodka to two parts soda.

We decided Cucumber & Mint was our favorite then decided no, it’s Grapefruit & Rose.  On the other hand, it could be Peach & Orange Blossom!  Each one is so different and so delicious and we love the lower alcohol.  In fact, since the law requires vodka to be bottled at 40% ABV, at 30% ABV the Botanicals can’t be called vodka.  And while the Botanicals are distilled like gin, because juniper berries are not a part of the recipe, they can’t be called gin.  They are a category all of their own.

Availability and Price

Ketel One Botanicals come to us from the Nolet brothers, makers of the World’s #1 Nolet Gin.  The family has been in the distilling business in Schiedam, Holland for 327 years.  The tall bottles are elegantly labeled with illustrations of the various fruits and vegetables that are very enticing.  The SRP is $24.99 but shop around.  A national chain near us had the line at $31.99 while another chain was priced at $19.99 per 750 ml bottle.