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Smirnoff Vodka Bottles Featuring States and Cities Now Available

Smirnoff Local Bottles feature

October 19, 2018 — Smirnoff Vodka bottles featuring New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Seattle, Chicago and California are now available in those markets for a limited time.

The regular 750 ml bottle is decorated with iconic skylines and images associated with a particular city or state and includes an “ode” that describes the culture that makes it special.   Here’s New York’s:

“We are the concrete jungle. Where hustle is the only speed, blue collars, white collars, no collars. This is the birthplace of hip hop. Where catwalk meets crosswalk and the pulse of five boroughs beat as one. If you can make it here…well, you know the rest.”

mirnoff Local Bottles NYC Front_Back

The bottles are fun so get them while they’re available.  Smirnoff says additional cities and states are in the works.  We immediately thought what a great decoration, and collectible, all of them would be but unfortunately they are only available in the specific local market.  Shipping alcohol across state lines is tricky.  In some States, fuggedaboutit.  Call your friends or plan a road trip.  If that doesn’t work, take out your frustration on your local legislator and representative about shipping laws dating back to 1933.  Be polite and drink that vodka martini after you call!