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Gift Suggestions and Stocking Stuffers


December 6, 2018 – We’ve rounded up ideas from stocking stuffers to the expensively elegant and plenty in between.  These gift suggestions cover the gamut of relatives, friends, co-workers and the client you really need to thank for making another year a big success.

Let’s start with the Stocking Stuffers

Bulleit Bourbon

1Lewis Bag

We were on the Bulleit Bourbon web site and found some really fun merchandise for whiskey fans.   We love the canvas Lewis Bag traditionally used to crush ice for Mint Juleps but it also doubles as a snazzy gift wrap for a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon.   Bag costs $12.95.


We also think the Bulleit Old Fashioned Carry On Cocktail Kit at $24 is a hoot and useful!

1Bulleit cocktail kit

The kit includes a recipe card, ingredients, barware and a linen coaster. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is available for the Bulleit Old Fashioned and the Bulleit, Lemon,Tonic (BLT). Each kit makes two drinks.  The weary traveler can call the office and mumble about grabbing a BLT.  LOL.  Of course there’s no booze in the kit.  That has to be purchased from the airline.

It’s easy to turn these gifts into something spectacular with the addition of bottle of the very smooth Bulleit Bourbon 10-Year-Old with a suggested retail of $39.99 or a Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength SRP $59.99.



Omission Brewing Co.

2Omission Lifestyle 5

For the Beer lover, a bottle or six from the Omission Brewing Co. This is a gluten-removed beer with four options – Ultimate Light, IPA, Pale Ale, and Lager. Perfect for the beer lover in your life or for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet.  Check out the details here.  The Ultimate Light has only 99 calories and 5 grams of carbs.  Available in both cans and bottles, SRP for a six pack is $8.99 – $9.99.




If that stocking is really large, say pillowcase size, you might be able to squeeze in a box of Mixallogy.  If you haven’t tried a Mixallogy organic powdered cocktail mixer for yourself, you should.  It really does make very good cocktails very fast and very easily.  Six pods and a cocktail shaker are packaged in a box that retails for $14.99 and is available via their web site or Amazon.






So now we come to bottles that go under the tree.  There’s something for everyone.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

4SJxHD_HolidayTube_clippedSLet’s start with the man and his cave, especially if he’s a HOG or wannabe HOG (and what man isn’t?).  Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has a limited edition American Legends pack honoring the brand’s namesake, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, and Harley-Davidson.  The pack is wrapped in sleek black leather and embossed with both brands’ joint logo in silver.  The gift package houses a 750 ml. bottle of the famous spiced rum.  For those who care, the package is fully recyclable since the “leather” is actually premium black latex coated paper, giving the leather effect.  The rum comes from the Caribbean then blended with ginger, cinnamon, clove and vanilla for a rum that can be sipped or used for exciting cocktails.   SRP $14.99.





Tequila Mi Campo

5MI CAMPO DAY 02 PARAMO-035Know a tequila-loving millennial?  Here’s just released Tequila Mi Campo.  It is 100% Blue Weber agave in a vibrantly labeled bottle.  Mi Campo means “my field” and the artist’s design celebrates blending Mexican heritage and culture with innovators in all fields: the arts, design, science and mixology.  It is interesting to note that the Mi Campo Blanco rested in Napa Valley Chardonnay barrels for three weeks while the Mi Campo Reposado aged for three months in a mix of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir barrels so the flavors of the two expressions are really different.  The brand launched in 10 key markets: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, and San Francisco.  SRP $24.00.





Trail’s End Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

6Trails End Valley view

For the tree hugger in your life, what could gladden their soul more than a bottle of Trail’s End Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  This ultra-premium whiskey that follows the trail of Lewis and Clark from Kentucky to Oregon, is finished in Oregon Oak and glacier fed spring water from Mt. Hood.  It is a very fine whiskey to enjoy but more than that, Hood River Distillers is donating a percentage of sales to the National Forest Foundation to replant forests devastated by fires and we’ve had more than our share this year.  The company has guaranteed to finance 5,000 trees.  SRP $39.00.


Glencadam 10-Year Old Highland Single Malt

7Glenadam 10 YO WhiskySScotch Whisky drinkers, especially those that favor single malts, occasionally do a little bragging about their tastes and knowledge.  So give them something they may not have had:  Glencadam 10-Year Old Highland Single Malt.  It’s been around for a mere 193 years, to be precise.  Founded in 1825 it was one of the first legal distilleries in the Eastern Highlands but it is a fairly recent entrant into the U.S. market.  The color is pale gold because no coloring is added, and it is beautifully balanced and silky – a real pleasure to sip. SRP $55.






Clear Creek Distillery Pear Brandy

8CCD Pear holidaySHow do you get a large pear into a bottle with a long, thin neck? Clear Creek Distillery Pear Brandy knows the secret. The bottles are slipped onto tree branches just after the blossoms have fallen, where the pears happily grow until harvest.  That’s labor intensive for sure.  When the fruit is harvested, the bottles are cleaned and filled with brandy.  Clear Creek uses the classic French style of eau de vie de poire Williams.  Known as Bartlett pears in this country, it is totally fascinating to contemplate a beautiful pear in a bottle of brandy.  Who wouldn’t want a gift like this?  SRP $80.00




Camus XO Borderies Family Reserve Cognac

9Camus Gift PackSFinally, for that really special someone there’s nothing more elegant than Camus XO Borderies Family Reserve Cognac.  Hand-crafted from grape to bottle by the largest independent cognac producer in the world (family led for five generations), Family Reserve is 100% Single Estate, Single Cru made from grapes grown on the Camus estate and comes in an exquisite artisan flacon. Released in September 2018.  SRP $199.