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Heineken Debuts Heineken 0-0 Alcohol-free Beer

January 10 – Heineken’s new alcohol-free beer is shipping to stores across the country this week just as Dry January is getting a bit tedious.  With Heineken 0-0 you can satisfy that craving for a nice cold one and at the same time, keep your resolution.  Fantastic!  And if you are trying to lose a few pounds, even better.  0-0 has only 69 calories in a 12-ounce bottle.

Heineken Alcohol Free Bottle
Heineken® 0.0


We haven’t tried it yet but we’ve read some comments that are quite positive.  Non-alcoholic beer never really tastes like beer but this one, two years in the making, might pass the taste test.  It’s already doing well in 30 other countries.

A Challenging brewing process

Here’s what Willem van Waesberghe, Global Craft and Brew Master at Heineken had to say about the most challenging brewing process of his career: “Removing alcohol from regular 5% Heineken would have been easy, but it wouldn’t deliver the same premium beer taste that Heineken is known for. Heineken 0-0 is brewed from scratch and has a perfectly balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and soft, malty finish.”

Heineken makes two separate brews with different qualities, then removes the alcohol and blends them together.  “Both beers are not nice. You need to blend them together to make a good beer,” he said.