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Crown Royal’s Peach – Smooth & Sweet for Summer

Crown Royal Peach Bottle ShotS

March 22, 2019 –The hazy, lazy days of summer will happen, we promise, so be ready for some sweet sipping with Crown Royal Peach limited edition offering that’s in stores now.

The addition of sweet, juicy Georgia peaches to Crown Royal’s signature smoothness and the result is delightful enjoyed on the rocks.  Mix with ice tea for a peach perfect cocktail or add to orange juice topped with sparkling wine for an elegant, refreshing cocktail served in a Champagne flute.  Recipes for both are below.


Crown Royal Peach, ABV 35%, comes in a glass-cut bottle with the signature bag and box.  Suggested retail for a 750 ml bottle is $24.99.


Royal Peach TeaPeach_3S


1.5 oz Crown Royal Peach

6.0 oz Iced Tea

1 Slice of Lemon or Peach


Method:  Fill a mason jar with crushed ice. Add Crown Royal Peach and iced tea. Stir gently then garnish with a lemon or peach slice (or both!)




Royal Peach FizzFizz_2(1)


0.5 oz Crown Royal Peach

0.5 oz Orange Juice

4.0 oz Champagne

1 Mint Sprig


Method: Add Crown Royal Peach and orange juice to a Champagne flute or tall thin glass. Top with champagne. Garnish with a mint sprig.