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Australian Whisky Brand Expands in U.S.

October 30, 2019 —  Starward Australian Whisky burst on the U.S. scene in May 2019 with Nova, an international award-winning single malt that led Forbes Magazine to opine that Australia might replace Japan as the hottest unconventional crafter of fine whisky.  Recently, the Melbourne-based distillery increased its visibility in this market with the release of Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky, a new expression that combines wheat (60%) and malted barley (40%).

Like its single malt sibling, Two Fold matures for two years in uncharred red wine casks from the nearby Yarra Valley’s famous wineries.  The red wine imparts a red glow and fruity flavor.  The first whiff of the bottle immediately picked up the familiar notes of red wine aging in tanks and barrels.  The fruit is subtle on the palate but it lends lushness to a pleasingly rich mouthfeel.  The finish is soft, lingering and satisfying.


This whisky doesn’t taste or look like Scotch whisky or bourbon.  It is distinctly Australian.  It is lovely sipped neat or on the rocks but is equally delightful in cocktails such as the Boulevardier.  It is widely available with new markets being opened all the time.  Suggested retail is $32.99 and we see it not only as something exotic to add to your own bar but also as a wonderful and intriguing gift for whisky-lovers on any occasion.