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Omission Brewing Releases Hard Seltzer

November 13, 2019 – The summer of hard seltzer has morphed into the fall and winter of hard seltzer.  If hard seltzer is a part of your journey to a healthier lifestyle, and if gluten-free is an important or necessary part of that, then you can rejoice. If neither applies, well read on anyway so you know what is trending in the adult beverage world.

Omission has launched four flavors:  Pomegranate-Blueberry-Acai., Orange Twist, Lime and Grapefruit. They are naturally gluten-free and made of only four natural and recognizable ingredients: carbonated filtered water, alcohol from organic cane sugar, hops, and natural flavors, with zero added sugar.   The can re-enforces 1 Carb and 90 Calories.  Alcohol is just 4% and in small type it says “Beer With Natural Flavors Added”.  Out of curiosity, we checked the law and found that both malt- and sugar-based hard seltzers are considered “beer”.

Five new flavors

We tried the Pomegranate-Blueberry-Acai first.  Thinking  “pomegranate” we expected it to be pink but it isn’t.  It is clear.  All the flavors are the same clear color.  Poured into a glass there is a fast fizz that dissipates quickly.  There’s a mild whiff of beer but simply couldn’t conjure up a taste of pomegranate or blueberry.  The other three flavors do have a hint of orange, lime and grapefruit both on the nose and the palate and we liked them better.


We appreciated the clean finish and if hard seltzer is your passion, you’ll probably enjoy Omission’s new entry.  MSRP is 6-pack: $9.99 and 12-pack: $15.99.