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Smirnoff: “It’s Written in the Stars”

February 28, 2020 – Feeling “star crossed” or grouchy, blame it on the weather or maybe, just maybe, you need to find the cocktail that goes with your astrological sign.

To ensure that everyone is properly aligned, the party animals at Smirnoff have created a chart showing which of their products is appropriate for each zodiac sign.  For example, maybe you’re a Libra, a peacemaker, the diplomat, but you have no problem being the life of the party as well. Your Smirnoff product is zero sugar Smirnoff Sparkling Seltzer White Peach Rosé. Maybe you’re an Aquarius, a rebel at heart that doesn’t let others tell you which box to be in, Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Watermelon & Mint will be your perfect match.

For all the astrology fanatics out there, there’s just one question, which Smirnoff product are you? 

So dust off the crystals, light the candles and have fun with your friends enjoying the many facets of Smirnoff when you do.