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National Rum Day – A Summer Favorite

Feature Mojito

August 13, 2020 – National Rum Day falls on Sunday, August 16 but if you want to get an early start on Saturday, or even Friday afternoon, it’s OK with us.

Rum makes the best summer cocktails which is hardly surprising considering its Caribbean birthplace back in the 1600s.  As we bake our way through August’s heat, a hint of tropical breeze is very welcome.   Cruzan hails from St. Croix; Sailor Jerry from U.S. Virgin Islands while Bacardi calls Puerto Rico home.

We’ve chosen three cooling cocktail recipes using reasonably priced rums that are readily available.  They are really different but easy to make whether just for yourself or a few friends gathered at least six feet apart which is surely an oxymoron!


by Shaka Grill at Boca Raton Resort & Club

Dreamsicle-table-Verticle S
  • 2 oz Cruzan Vanilla Rum
  • 3 oz House Whipped Cream
  • 0.5 oz  Sprite  
  • 3 oz fresh fruit such as mango, strawberry or banana puréed

Method:  Blend fruit purée with 1.5 ounces of Cruzan Vanilla Rum.  Blend Sprite, whipped cream and remaining Cruzan.  Alternate pouring between two mixtures into drinkware.  Garnish with fruit of choice (i.e. mango or strawberry slice)

Pineapple Mojito

Courtesy of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Sailor Jerry Pineapple Mojito
  • 1.5 parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
  • ½ part lime juice
  • 4 cubes of sugar
  • 4 pieces pineapple
  • 10 mint leaves

Method: Muddle pineapple, mint and sugar in the bottom of a shaker. Add ice, lime juice and Sailor Jerry  Spiced Rum and shake well. Pour into glass and top with ice, lime and mint.

 Cuatro Presidente

BACARDIÌ Cuatro Presidente S
  • 1.5 parts Bacardi Añejo Cuatro
  • 0.75 parts Martini & Rossi Rosso Vermouth
  • 0.25 parts Dry Curacao
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Method: Stir all ingredients with plenty of ice until very cold, strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with orange peel.