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Gift Guide 2020


November 27, 2020 —  There’s a plethora of fabulous wines and amazing spirits that make wonderful and thoughtful gifts but we were searching for something really fresh, exciting and different.  Our two finds – one for cocktail enthusiasts and the other for wine lovers with an inclination for history and romance – more than meet our expectations. 

For the cocktail maven

For the cocktail maven or budding mixologist on your list, 1pt infusions by One Part Co. will thrill them.  Just reading their web site is fun and slightly mind-blowing.  Their infusion system is the secret sauce that produces bar-worthy cocktails with a difference, crafted at home with no fuss.

Let’s start with the Master Kit.  One Part Co., also referred to as 1pt (a bit confusing but you’ll figure it out eventually) comprises a high-durability lab glass infusion bottle with walnut-finish cap used to infuse 375 ml of liquid (half of a standard bottle of spirits). It features a removable stainless-steel infusion basket ready to hold a single packet of any 1pt infusion blend.  The Master Kit includes one 8 gram packet of each of seven infusion blends: Citrus, Mint, Floral, Chili, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Smoky.  The kit also comes with a reusable, gold-finish, stainless steel tasting straw so that you can taste-test during the infusion process, a simple instruction guide, and some cocktail suggestions to start you off in the right direction. 

Master Infusion Kit

The Master Kit is priced at $75.00

Infusion Kit (2)

The Infusion Kit on its own is $45.

We suggest watching the excellent video illustrating just how easy the process is.

The infusion process takes just 2–6 hours.  There is also a choice of infusions for specific spirits including vodka, tequila, gin, rum, whiskey and even wine for mulled wine and sangria.  Take gin for example.  The three blends offered are floral, ginger and lime.  Each box contains two packets of each blend which will infuse a 750 ml bottle. The variety packs make 36 cocktails for just $30.00.  And we should mention the blends contain no sugar, gluten, additives, or GMO.

All Infusion Blends copy

And in these days of social distancing a feature we applaud is “Email A Cocktail” by One Part Co. for just $9.57. Buying a drink for a friend is a universal gesture of kindness that’s as old as drinks themselves. “Email a Cocktail” by One Part Co. allows you to send anyone a cocktail, letting them choose from 19 different 1pt infusion blends. The gift recipient will receive an email that contains the greeting image that the sender selects as well as a personalized message and link to redeem their cocktail, which makes 6+ drinks at once. One Part Co. will notify the sender every step of the way – when they receive the email, and when they open it – so the sender can be in touch.

For the wine lover

For the wine lover, or for anyone with a flare for the theatrical and romantic history, the Chêne Bleu Theatre Box will be a treasured prize to display on the bar. 

The limited edition 3-D gift box includes Chêne Bleu’s award-winning, critically acclaimed flagship fine red wines Abélard and Héloïse, inspired by the French equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. One of the most high-profile power-couples in history, Abélard and Héloïse were scholars and philosophers, whose scandalous and lasting love affair has inspired centuries of poets, artists, and now winemakers. They blend the best of two worlds: the rich fruit of the South of France with the freshness and minerality of the Mont Ventoux altitude. The Theatre Box opens to reveal Abélard and Héloïse’s inspirational tale alongside exquisite illustrations. Every facet of the gift box is illustrated by woodcut artist Jane Randfield with whimsical Medieval-meets-Modern iconography. The Theatre Box, which was eight years in the making, is inspired by a traditional Italian storytelling “Teatrino” mini theatre. The Theatre Box can be personalized and contains a secret drawer that you can fill with a further keepsake or love letter.

Chene Bleu Theatre Box

Chêne Bleu

Chêne Bleu, a new winery situated on an ancient site in the up-and-coming Mont Ventoux wine region of Southern France, has produced award-winning wines and achieved acclaim in a very short time frame. The Rolets, owners of Chêne Bleu, attribute much of their success to the micro-climate and elevation of this site. Indeed, the Ventoux boasts some of the highest vineyards in the South of France. Challenging industry norms from the start, the Rolets have sought to be standard-bearers of sustainable, biodynamic and organic viticulture and winemaking methods in the production of their full range of wines.


The Theatre Box is available for purchase now through Valentine’s Day 2021 at select fine wine shops throughout the country.  Tewksbury Fine Wine in New Jersey does ship to other states where allowed by law The box can also be purchased via email:  The suggested retail is $210.00

Chene Bleu Theatre Box 6 S