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Wine & Spirits Heist in Manhattan

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February 27, 2021 – Thieves cleaned out the entire inventory of a Manhattan wine and spirits store and it seems nobody knows exactly when.  The store has been closed for several months, according to the owner, but when he was last there on January 8, so was the inventory.

According to The New York Post on February 24, the owner of Taste Wine Co. said 1,000 bottles of wine and 1,000 bottles of liquor valued at $150,000 were stolen along with125 wine dispensers each worth $1,200.  The store, which has very good reviews on line, is described as “Sleek, modern wine store with dispensers that allow customers to sample bottles before purchase.”

Taste Wine Co. is located at 50 Third Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets in the East Village.  Two thousand bottles would come to about 166 12-bottle cases but it wasn’t a smash and grab operation as many of the bottles were on display and had to be repackaged in order to move them.  The miscreants doubtless found a nice bottle or two to get loaded and celebrate their successful, for now, $300,000 theft.