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New Cocktail Syrups Make an Outstanding Gift for Mom and Everyone Else

NickelDime Bottles

May 3, 2021 – Still pondering what to give Mom next Sunday?  Need a hostess gift in a hurry for that fabulous weekend at the cottage on the shore?  Forgot a bestie’s birthday?  No worries.  Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups of Oakland, California has just launched a line of cocktail syrups that are hands down amazing and their sample pack is a winner.

Let’s face it, most of us have neither the time nor the talent to mix a great cocktail but we’d love to have one now and again, even quite often, that tastes as good as the ones we used to enjoy at our favorite watering hole.  Enter Jared Hirsch a talented mixologist at Sidebar Restaurant in Oakland. He’s renowned for his cult cocktail, the award-winning Caged Heat. The spicy tamarind and cardamon cocktail became so popular that he couldn’t produce the flavor-packed syrup in the restaurant’s kitchen to keep up with demand. Hirsch turned to his friend and spirited entrepreneur Absinthia Vermut for advice about increasing production without sacrificing the small batch appeal, and Nickle Dime Syrups was born.  

NickelDime Sample Pack

Cocktail or Mocktails

Nickel Dime Syrups are made in small batches from all-natural ingredients. They are alcohol free, gluten free and contain about 100 calories per 2 ounce serving, making them a bold, delicious base for cocktails or mocktails.  The portfolio includes: 

Caged Heat Cocktail Syrup – made with Tamarind, Cardamom & Ghost Pepper.   

Fairy Dust Cocktail Syrup – made with Fennel, Anise & Wormwood.  

Cherry Bomb Cocktail Syrup – made with Cherry, Coffee, & Cacao.  

Crimson Smoke Cocktail Syrup – made with Smoked Tea, Cranberry & Honey.  


The 15 ounce bottles are available nationwide with a suggested retail of $19.99.  We really like the sample pack containing a four-ounce bottle of each of the four flavors.  Each bottle makes two cocktails.  The package is very attractive and the price is amazing – just $29.99 suggested retail.  The lucky recipient will be thrilled and undoubtedly think you are very creative, which of course you are – buy here.

We can recommend all the flavors., Check out their web site for more recipes for cocktails and mocktails.