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The Chateau Miraval Saga Continues

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July 16, 2021 —  The halcyon days of 2013 when Wine Spectator pronounced Chateau Miraval the best rosé in world seem a very long time ago.  It got even more idyllic and romantic in 2014 when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in the chapel of their estate, Chateau Miraval, which they had purchased in 2008 for approximately $67 million.  Then all the magic and romance went “poof” in 2016 when Angelina filed for divorce.

Nearly five years later, Angelina is accusing Brad of stymieing the sale of the property and petitioned a judge to lift the ATROs (Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders) so that she can complete the sale with an interested buyer.  A hearing is scheduled for September 22.

Angelina’s lawyer said Brad’s lawyer has not responded as to why they are not interested in lifting the ATROs.  Fox News quoted Jolie’s attorney, Joseph Mannis:

“As of the signing of this declaration, I have not received a response to my inquiry on June 25, 2021, whether Respondent will stipulate to lift the ATROs as they may apply to the subject sale transaction. I also have not received an explanation of the legal basis for Respondent to block the sale other than the existence of the ATROs.”

Brad wasn’t playing nice when he took his girlfriend, model Nicole Poturalski, to the Chateau last year for little vacation right around the date of what would have been the sixth anniversary of his marriage to Angelina as reported by the UK Daily Mail.  And he even told UsWeekly he doesn’t care if she retaliates over the jab.

Well at least the wine is nice.

Chateau Miraval Rose