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Ring in the New Year with Stylish Cocktails

SR Honey Peach

December 28, 2022 – After the mess caused by the weather, staying warm, taking it easy and enjoying a good cocktail sounds exactly right.  We don’t have snow but we are being drenched by an atmospheric river, and that Irish Coffee from Keeper’s Heart Whiskey looks awfully good.  Whipped cream instead of clotted cream will work just fine!

For those who are wishing they were in Hawaii, we’ve included an easy-to-make Screwdriver using Ocean Organic Vodka.  This is a smooth, delicious vodka in a cleverly designed bottle.  Just slosh it around a bit and you’ll see the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Honestly!

Expecting company?  A bottle or two of Stella Rosa Flavored Brandy will take the work out of entertaining.  It comes in three flavors – Honey Peach, Tropical Passion and Smooth Black Berry.  Each flavor is subtle and delicious sipped neat or over ice.  Add some club soda or Stella Rosa Prosecco for a festive and longer drink.  With an MSRP of around $29, each of these brandies is a crowd pleaser.

Keeper’s Heart Irish Coffee 

Keeper's Heart Irish Coffee

Method:  Add Keeper’s Heart and maple syrup to a mug, followed by coffee. Garnish with a heavy dollop of clotted cream. Slainte!

Brothers Bond Sparkling Blue Smash

Brother's Bond Bourbon Sparkling Blue Smash

Method:  Measure bourbon, maple syrup, and lemon juice into a shaker. Add ice to the shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Strain into flute or coupe glass. Top with sparkling wine or Prosecco. Garnish with an orange twist and blueberries.

Atian Hibiscus Rosemary 

ATIAN Hibiscus Rosemary
  • 1 ½ oz. Atian Rose Gin
  • ½ oz. Ramazzotti Rosato Aperitivo Liqueur
  • ½ oz. hibiscus syrup
  • 1 oz. lime juice
  • Topped with tonic
  • The needles of one rosemary sprig
  • Torched rosemary sprig

Method:  Take needles off one rosemary sprig and put in a shaker with 3/4 ice. Add all ingredients and shake. Strain into a tall Collins glass with fresh ice. Top with tonic. Garnish with a torched rosemary sprig.

Ocean Organic Vodka Screw Driver

Ocean Organic Vodka Screw Diver Cocktail Card 1
  • 2 parts Ocean Organic Vodka
  • 2 parts fresh orange juice
  • 1 ½ parts fresh pineapple juice
  • Juice from a lime wedge
  • Angostura bitters

Method:  Add all ingredients except bitters to an ice filled tall glass.  Stir well.  Garnish with two dashes of Angostura bitters.  Add a dried pineapple ring or a fresh pineapple spear as an additional garnish.