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Sunshine Punch Rum Cocktail Nostalgia in a Bottle

Sunshine Punch Vertical

August 5, 2023 – Inspired by an orange creamsicle, newly released Sunshine Punch in the sassy orange bottle is there to savor wherever you find your sunshine. 

The ready-to-serve cocktail is made from orange, crème, rum and vodka.  Served chilled or over ice, at just 18% ABV it is designed for sipping and sharing.  Created by lifelong friends Brian Thomason and Matt Hemmings, the recipe began as the go to drink of their campfire jam sessions in North Carolina.   Taste tested by their friends, the flavor profile was developed to open with notes of citrus followed by gentle rum and vanilla, ending with a lingering sweet creamy finish. 

Blended and bottled in North Carolina, the bright orange 750ml bottle with an SRP of $24.95 is in retail stores in the following states: NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, MI, OH, LA, TX, AL, MS, with additional states to come later this year. Nationwide Direct To Consumer will be available shortly.  Check Sunshine Punch for updates.