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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Does Dad enjoy a good Scotch Whisky?  Really, really good Scotch Whisky?  Well, we have just the gift for him.  It is so darned good it might even earn you a special mention in his will.

We’re talking about a membership in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America.  Never heard of it, you say.  All the more reason to show Dad that you are a man or woman of sophisticated taste and knowledge, and that all the money he spent on your education didn’t go to waste.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was born about 30 years ago in Scotland when a group of seasoned sippers met to taste a single cask from a Speyside distillery. They have been meeting weekly ever since to find the rarest, single cask, single malt Whisky to bottle and share with other devotees.  Ten years later, the Society crossed the Pond under the enthusiastic guidance of Alan Shayne, a Scotch Whisky expert and importer.  He describes the Society as a very egalitarian community.  “We may be exclusive, but we’re not exclusionary,” he said.

Membership, which is $290 to join, comes with a gift package that includes three 100 ml bottles of single malt, single cask Whiskies beautifully boxed, a subscription to their quarterly magazine “Unfiltered” plus other goodies.  Every three weeks, members are offered five to eight new expressions, which may be aged anywhere from five to 40 years.  The clever descriptors are worth a visit to their web site for sheer entertainment.  No 71.40 is reminiscent of “sticky apricot tarts at an Indian market” and “dusty muesli” among other gleeful nonsense.  It’s clear the note writers were having a marvelous evening!

There’s no obligation to purchase any Whisky.  Dad might just be thrilled to be a member of this nonpareil group, read their magazine, and get discounts on their special tastings.  On the other hand, you will be covered for birthdays and Christmas for years to come and Dad being the kind, generous soul that he is, he is sure to invite you to share a few snorts.  You can’t beat that for the ultimate bonding experience!