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Puppy and Clydesdales Return for Super Bowl

Jan. 26, 2015 – If you’ve had more than your share of “Deflate-gate” there’s something a whole lot cuter coming up on Super Bowl Sunday and it’s Budweiser’s commercial starring the puppy and the Clydesdales.

It’s a year later and the puppy is still a puppy, but we’ll overlook that.  This time he’s lost and his Clydesdale BFFs are naturally heartbroken.  It looks like a tearjerker but of course it will have a happy ending and will probably be voted the best commercial once again.  It’s hard to resist a sad little puppy.

Budweiser has been releasing teasers urging everyone to join the search and possibly win tickets to Super Bowl 49.  So get cracking on Twitter @Budweiser and good luck!