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Fishing While Drunk Leads to Arrest

May 29, 2015 – It’s a little unusual to go fishing after a night on the town but a Massachusetts man did just that and landed in a world of trouble because he caught 122 fish.  And he did it while drunk.

Fish tales are often exaggerated but in this case, it appears to be true.  After an evening of imbibing, the gentleman decided to go for a spin in his boat on a canal in Boston, and did a little fishing to the tune of landing 122 black sea bass.  Tell this to your favorite fisherman and watch him weep!

Unfortunately for him, Environmental Police saw his boat and his catch and arrested him.  The catch limit is eight sea bass.  Add to that he was charged for operating a motorboat while under the influence, he was operating a motorboat without a license, his boat was unregistered, it displayed improper registration numbers, and he was fishing without a license.

The final indignity for our fishing-while-drunk hero?  The police took all his fish and donated them to charity.