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Online Wine Business Course Has Something for Everyone

April 8, 2016 –Whether you have been in the wine business for years or just now hoping to break in, “Business of Wine”, an interactive online course will sharpen your focus and give you the tools you need to stay competitive in every facet of the industry, from vineyard costs and all the processes in between to sales and marketing.

Tim Hanni, Master of Wine, in collaboration with the Napa Valley Wine Academy, has designed a 16-week course that will be available April 27. Included are twice-a-week live webinars that are recorded for viewing at the participant’s convenience from anywhere in the world.

Hanni’s very extensive background and experience in the wine industry, plus his ability to connect with audiences, makes him an ideal presenter for this course. “The wine business is an ever-changing market and people need access to solid business principles and strategies to be successful,” notes Hanni. “I’m excited to teach this class online because it makes the knowledge easily available to people in every corner of the world.”

A full description of the Business of Wine including costs is on our Wine page.