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PETA Says Beer is Healthier Than Milk

September 9, 2016 – There’s good news for beer drinkers or for anyone with aspirations of building strong bones.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released a report claiming that beer is healthier for our bodies than milk.

The PETA report was based on a study from Harvard’s School of Public Health that found that beer in moderation can extend life and strengthen bones while milk has bad side effects such as obesity, cancer and diabetes.  PETA is really more interested in the health of the cows than the humans drinking milk so while they are emphasizing the egregious effects of dairy on our health they talk about ending “the suffering of billions of cows”.  Dairy cows seem to have a pretty good life based on the ones we’ve encountered.

The Harvard report pointed out that beer can prevent brittle bones, may help prevent gallstones and type 2 diabetes as well as heart attacks and strokes.  Milk on the other hand can be blamed for acne, flatulence and excess mucus in addition to the obesity problems, etc., mentioned above.

Hey, let’s not knock it.  It’s nice to have someone on our side for a change!