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Serious Drinks for Serious TV Watching


September 9, 2016 – The motto is never let a hot event on TV go to waste, or something like that.  Spirits makers and marketers have fertile brains and we have to admire them for turning couch potato pastimes into events.

Take the U.S. Open, now in full swing.  Swigging a beer or sipping soda is definitely not a fitting way for tennis lovers to celebrate a winning serve.  Nope, the way to ace it is with a Topspin Spritz.  It does look very refreshing, doesn’t it?  We checked out Combier Pamplemousse Rose, which is a light, red grapefruit flavored liqueur.  Sounds delicious and just the thing for watching the players sweat it out.

But if the watching the Emmys is about all the excitement you’re up for, a cocktail worthy of House of Cards’ Frank Underwood’s fiery, masculine character is the Eximo Old Fashioned featuring Bacardi’s Facundo Eximo Rum. House of Cards has 13 nominations this year.

So whatever your viewing habits, we have the right cocktail to make it memorable.  Recipes for both are below.  Meanwhile, we’ll be rooting for our favorite, “The Americans”.  The Americans is about Russian spies operating in the U.S. so we’ll concoct something vodka and red.

Topspin Spritz

Created by Nola Woodall


1.5 oz elit by Stolichnaya
.5 oz Combier Pamplemousse Rose
1 oz Clarified Coconut Water
Mister Bitters Pink Grapefruit and Agave Bitters

Shake, strain over fresh ice. Top with a small amount of club soda. Garnish with a mint bouquet. 

Eximo Old Fashioned


2 parts Facundo Eximo
.25 part honey syrup
4 drops of Burlesque Bitters
Orange peel garnish
Ice Sphere

Method: Stirred.