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Valentine’s Day Cocktails Served with Serendipity

January 20, 2017 – We discovered the coolest idea for dressing up cocktails – or any beverage – for Valentine’s Day.  It’s called the ChocolateSideCar.  It’s a disk of Belgian chocolate, either milk or dark, with a little notch that makes it possible to hang on the rim of a glass.  One side of the disk, which measures about an inch and a half, is imprinted with a Valentine design as shown in the nearby photo.

Imagine being handed an amazing cocktail, or a glass of sparkling wine, or a cup of aromatic coffee that you’re just hankering after, and it comes with a delicious piece of chocolate on the rim imprinted with the message of love?  Wouldn’t that make your day?  We call it serendipity.

You can go online and order a box as a gift or delight your friends if you’re having a Valentine’s Day party.  They come in boxes of 15 for $32.95 plus shipping.

This company has many creative ideas for major holidays and celebrations such as the Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day coming up, Easter, Mother’s Day  – you name it, they’ve got it.  Planning a wedding?  They can do that too!  They use excellent quality Belgian and Italian chocolate and they offer flavors such as strawberry, orange, lemon and lime.  They even have Back Slappin’ Jalapeno and yup, you can taste the jalapeno!

Browse the web site for fun ideas.  Scroll down through all the special holiday designs and you’ll find the two for Valentine’s Day.  While you’re there, check out their chocolate text messages and design your own for a totally unique gift idea.