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Super Bowl 51 Drink Recipes

February 1, 2017 – You’ve been to Costco and loaded up on all the great stuff that is your tradition for Super Bowl Sunday and now you’re thinking about what to serve to friends who prefer something besides beer.

Just about anything poured over rocks will get you by and, of course, there’s nothing easier than opening a bottle, or a box, of wine.  But if you want to at least pretend you are a cocktail maven, as well as a superb host, we’ve put together some fast favorites for you.  One recipe, based on Sam Adam’s new mango flavored Rebel Juiced IPA, bows to beer.  There’s also a punch that will keep everybody happy.

If no drink is too great a challenge to your skills as a bartender, we’ve included a few of those too.  One of them, Bazaar Bloody Mary is a salad lunch in a glass helped along with Patron tequila ensuring festive results.  Producing this would have to be considered a feat of amazing mixology.  However, be prepared.  Everyone will want one!

The recipes are on our Spirits page.