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Moët & Chandon Introduces Classy Champagne Six Pack

June 2, 2017 – Summer drinks just got easier and a whole lot classier with the introduction of Moët & Chandon’s Mini Moët six-pack.  Each little bottle of classic Imperial Brut contains 6.3 ounces (187 ml), which is slightly more than the usual serve of Champagne. 

 OK, it’s a six-pack but chug-a-lugging is not the goal here.  Moët is much too classy for that and each carton comes with six lovely little gold metal flutes that screw into the bottle making each one elegant, drip free and, of course, fall-out proof.  As the nearby photo shows, the Mini Moëts are irresistibly charming so be the hostess with the mostest and be the first to go Mini Moët. 

 At the present time, the six-pack can be purchased online through at the suggested retail of $99.95.