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New Wine Glass Design You Need to Know About

Wine Glass Line narrow 2

July 12, 2018 – New Wine Glass Design You Need to Know About – 1 Wine Glass

Wine drinkers who fuss about the shape of the glass are not being pretentious.  They know that the shape of the glass affects the taste of the wine.  This is something you can check out for yourself.  Be prepared to have fun and be amazed!

Years of experimenting and science have gone into developing the perfect glass for each grape but for many of us, the problem with varietal-specific stemware is a very practical one:  having enough space to store them.  So when internationally renowned wine writer, Jancis Robinson was asked by award-winning U.K. designer Richard Brendon to collaborate on a glass collection, she insisted on a single wine glass shape that enhances the taste of all wines, from Champagne to Port and everything in between.

Richard Brendon and Jancis Robinson
Richard Brendon and Jancis Robinson photographed by Alun Callender

1 Wine Glass

That sounds like a tall order but many prototypes later, Robinson and Brendon came up with 1 Wine Glass.  Some of Jancis Robinson’s requirements included it being made of “almost gossamer thin glass”.  The stem had to be long enough to accommodate men with larger hands being able to swirl the wine comfortably, and strong enough to withstand robust use. The curvature had to maximize the wine’s surface area at the standard pour line of 125 ml (about 4 ounces) with the tapered area above long enough to collect the aromas and the opening roomy enough for larger proboscises (noses!)  And, most importantly, the glass had to be dishwasher safe.  Amen.  Oh, and it had to be elegant.


Empty Full Cutout tall


Working with master glass blowers in Bohemia, each 1 Wine Glass is mouth-blown lead-free glass.  The line includes a stem-less water glass that mimics the bowl of the wine glass and can be used for wine service.  Two decanters are designed based on age of the wine being decanted.  The Old Wine Decanter is slim and bottle-shaped and comes with a glass stopper; the Young Wine Decanter is fat and jolly with a bowl big enough to contain a magnum.  A water carafe rounds out the collection.  It is the Old Wine decanter sans stopper and it will fit on the door of a fridge.  The ever- practical Ms. Robinson once again.


3 Decanters

Glass Collection isn’t available in the United States yet but we are told “it is in the pipeline”.  In the meantime, Richard Brendon’s company is taking orders online. The glass costs a somewhat breathtaking $56 each but if you are only buying one instead of three or four different shapes, it will be less expensive and a lot less space.

Wine Glass Box

Glass Collection Dimensions

For those who are so inclined here are the dimensions, where ø is the glass diameter and H is the height:

Wine Glass:                      ø 3.54 in     H 8.82 in

Water Glass:                    ø 3.54 in     H 4.53 in       (no stem – not shown)

Young Wine Decanter:  ø 6.69 in     H 9.06 in

Old Wine Decanter:       ø 3.54 in     H 10.71 in

Water Decanter:             ø  3.54 in    H 9.72 in