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Wine On The Go

banner37 June 21, 2013-

Boxes. Aluminium cans. Plastic bottles. Tetra Pak. The wine industry is determined you will have no excuse to travel without your wine. Let’s talk Tetra.


One of the reasons we like the Tetra Pak so much is really, really basic – it takes up so little fridge space (and/or counter space). If you have room for a 750 ml bottle of wine, you definitely have room for a 1 liter container. Same space; more wine.


We shopped the boxed wine aisle of our local supermarket and the new, brightly colored containers of Bandit caught our eye. We knew that the winemaker behind Bandit is Joel Gott, a much admired, award winning California winemaker. Joel has always always been about quality and value.


Bandit Pinot Grigio

Since we will soon be going to an event where glass is banned, we decided Bandit in its Tetra Pak might save the day. What a good decision! The Pinot Grigio, usually not one of our favorite varietals, turned out to be quite simply delicious. Fresh, crisp like a slice of Granny Smith apple that’s been hobnobbing with the peaches, it is the perfect summer picnic wine. Wonderful chilled and just as lovely at room temperature.


If you want a white wine with more body, try the Chardonnay and savor the lush tropical fruits with a hint of citrus. Better buy two liters as everyone will want some!


We can’t help ourselves when it comes to reds, especially since we’ll be barbecuing burgers, chicken, etc. We knew the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both amazing with two gold medals each from prestigious competitions, but we’re suckers for blends and the Bandit California Red Wine Blend didn’t disappoint. Bandit California Red Wine BlendReminds us of Beaujolais – light, jammy, lots of fruit and just right for a hot summer afternoon. It is a blend of three wines. We guessed Zinfandel and Merlot but couldn’t figure out the third. (Yes, we’re shamelessly bragging!) Turns out it is something white but they don’t say what, so we’re still guessing but haven’t figured it out for sure, darn it!


One of the great things about Bandit Tetra Pak wines, apart from fitting in the fridge, is they come in two sizes – 500 ml and 1 liter. The 500 ml is equal to about 16 oz. and costs about $4.99. The 1 liter is equal to one and one third regular wine bottles and costs around $8.99. What a deal!


After opening, screw the cap on tightly and the wine will keep for three to four weeks, in or out of the refrigerator.