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John Wayne postal stamp

Using his well-known moniker “The Duke”, Monument Valley Distillers of California has released DUKE Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  Hand-crafted to match a bottle of Wayne’s favorite bourbon from the early 60’s in his private collection, various small batches were meticulously blended to create the flavors and aromas preferred by the Duke, then aged in heavily charred American oak barrels.

The DUKE Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an addition to DUKE Spirits.  In 2013, a limited edition 24-year-old Brandy was released priced at $350 a bottle.  It was a one-time release and will not be repeated.  The Bourbon is more accessible at $34.99 suggested retail.  It will be available in select markets in May.

Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne in partnership with Chris Radomski and Jayson Woodbridge of Hundred Acre Wines, and great friend Richard Howell, founded Monument Valley Distillers.  “My father thrived on new projects and adventures and he always loved a great glass of whiskey at the end of the day,” said Ethan Wayne.  “Our goal with the DUKE was to make a Bourbon that embodies the spirit, strength and richness my father personified while realizing his unfulfilled dream of distilling fine spirits.”