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Grey Goose, which arguably has the prettiest bottle in the Vodka department, will be releasing a new flavor on May 1 called Le Melon.  This isn’t your supermarket cantaloupe flavor.  It is from the prized Cavaillon melon grown in Provence, France.

Here’s a bit of history about the Cavaillon melon from their press release:

Arguably the world’s sweetest, most flavorful fruit, the remarkable Cavaillon melon grown in the Provence region of France has a rich and intriguing history. With a flavor as precious as its limited harvest, this melon has been a luxury delicacy throughout history. The highest nobility were said to have relished and consumed the Cavaillon melon with fervor. Legend has it kings traded gold for exclusive access to this treasured fruit. Other historical figures, including Paul Cezanne and Alexander Dumas, also cherished the Cavaillon melon. Impressionist painter Cezanne featured the beautiful melon in a still life work, and writer Dumas traded his entire life’s writing in exchange for a life annuity of twelve Cavaillon melons a year.

Wow!  All that for $30 a 750 ml. bottle.  Their signature cocktail is a new twist on the Moscow Mule – it’s Le Melon Mule made by mixing 1-1/2 parts Grey Goose Le Melon with three parts ginger beer and three lime wedges.  We’re ready to order!