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Coravin Safety Alert to Consumers

June 5, 2014-We told you about the Coravin Wine Access System, a clever device that allows you to pour wine without removing the cork.  Unfortunately, there are some safety issues and the manufacturer has voluntarily withdrawn the device from sale and is urging people not to use it until further notice.

The company sent out an alert in Febraury 2014 that in certain circumstances, wine bottles can burst when used with the Coravin System. While it is unlikely, since wine bottles are designed to withstand significantly greater pressure than the low pressure used by Coravin, there have been seven cases reported resulting in lacerations in one of them.  All the bottles in question were found to be flawed.

To overcome this problem, the company is manufacturing a neoprene sleeve to fit over the bottle, which will be sold as a part of the product package in the future.  A sleeve will be sent to current owners of Coravin but they urge all existing customers to discontinue using the system in the meantime.  They have also updated their Proper Use and Important Safeguards Guide, which can be found on the company web site.

Coravin can be reached at or call 1-844-267-2846.  The company also urges consumers who have given the system as a gift to notify the recipient about this alert.