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Red Wine And Health — Protects Against Gum Disease

Never thought we’d see this:  Red wine could be good for your teeth.  Halleluiah!

Mostly we hear complaints that red wine stains the teeth, but research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says that red wine contains antimicrobial elements found to kill bacteria in lab tests.  Grape seed extract does the same but a glass of red wine wins the palatability test over a glass of grape seed oil.

Bacteria in the mouth that accumulate into “biofilms” are difficult to kill and produce plaque and acid.  Polyphenols found in wine have been proven to slow bacterial growth.

Spanish and Swiss scientists grew cultures simulating mouth bacteria then dipped them in red wine, alcohol-free red wine, red wine with grape seed extract, and water with 12 percent ethanol.  The three solutions containing red wine were the most effective.

Can red wine mouth wash and toothpaste be far behind?