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Champagne and Weird Food Pairings

Here are seven suggestions, including a couple from the U.K., that have been paired with Champagne:

Hotdogs.  This came from Bubbledogs in the U.K.  Lots of flavor going on here but we wonder if one should hold the relish.

Fried Chicken.  Absolutely.  Unfried chicken works too.

Popcorn.  Yeah.  Works for us.

French Fries.  Nice and salty and crunchy.

Lobster Roll.  What’s not to like about that combo?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  Hmmm.  This one gives us pause.  You try it and tell us!

Scrambled Eggs.  We’ll stick to bacon and eggs.  We don’t care how you cook the eggs.  It’s the bacon that makes it work.  Champagne loves salty food, which is why it pairs so successfully with caviarar