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Mixologists – The New Celebrities

Nov. 21, 2014 – We’ve admired and followed celebrity chefs for several decades. Now there’s a new star with increasing celebrity status and that’s the mixologist. This is someone with the creativity and talent to take bartending to new heights. How many of us can take three or four really different spirits and come up with a winning cocktail? Like the best chefs, mixologists have an innate ability to know what goes together and the patience to experiment to get it right.

From time to time we’ll be talking to mixologist around the country to find out their secrets, tips and recipes for creating successful cocktails. The one thing we can say is they are a very genial and enthusiastic breed as well as artisans of presentation.

Our first interview is with Rob Newhouse who for nearly 10 years has made Fat’s Asia Bistro in Folsom, California, a favorite spot not only for locals but also for dozens of regular tourists on their way to beautiful Lake Tahoe year around.

The interview with Rob, his tips for serving cocktails to a large group and his recipe for Eastern Breeze, the perfect drink for spicy Asian food, appears on our Entertainment page.