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Thanksgiving Cocktails and Other Drink Recipes

November 18, 2015 – Cider is truly the traditional drink for Thanksgiving.  We can’t say with any certainty that it was served at the first Thanksgiving feast but it is highly probable since it was the drink of choice in England and the Pilgrims certainly brought the practice with them.  It is not only increasingly popular these days, but it is an excellent accompaniment to turkey and all the trimmings. Since cocktails are all the rage, we asked mixologist Andrew Leonardo for his suggestions for combining the two.  He created three cider cocktails and five other easy-to-make cocktails just for us.

Check out Andrew and his cocktails on our Entertaining Page.  His recipes for Andrew Leonardo’s Signature Holiday Drinks will get you through every occasion from Thanksgiving, to Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year.  They come with detailed measurements and mixing instructions so you will have a successful drink every time.

Here’s to a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving for all and a toast to Andrew for his recipes.