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May 6, 2016 – Field Agent, a research company that marshals an army of 700,000 “agents” armed with smart phones, decided to look into America’s drinking habits.  They zeroed in on just 500 agents who self-identified as qualified drinkers and posed 10 questions.  The 500 were evenly divided between men and women and the average age was 40.  Some results were surprising.

Asked to select from a list of 20 different alcoholic beverages, from craft beer to brandy and everything in between, they identified every drink that they imbibe occasionally.  Red wine was chosen more than anything else at 64%.  Vodka, white wine and regular beer each came in at 62%; rum at 58% beat out craft beer at 55%, light beer at 52% and tequila at 51% all of which leaves us very confused based on sales figures and volumes for wine, spirits and beer.  However, makers of red wine should be very happy with these 500 respondents.

Men chose beer (77%) and craft beer (68%) as their drink of choice while women preferred white wine (70%) and red wine (64%).  That sounds about right.

When looking at when people like to drink, a wide selection of occasions was provided such as sporting events, weddings, weekends, etc.  At the top of the list, 77% said they usually enjoy at least one drink while on vacation. And this group self-identified as drinkers, seriously?   They’ll tie one on while barbecuing (74%) and having dinner at a restaurant (72%) and the same percentage have a drink on New Year’s Eve.

We’re still trying to get our heads around red wine being the most favored libation and if 23% don’t have even one drink on vacation, when the heck do they drink?