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The Wine Squirrel Way of Saving Wine


May 6, 2016 – Finding the solution to preserving an open bottle of wine has become a national pastime it seems.  A Kickstarter program started in April for the Wine Squirrel is already over-subscribed, suggesting there’s a booming business opportunity for anyone with the smarts to come up with a good idea.

Wine Squirrel is a simple and elegant solution from the looks of it.  It involves just three pieces:  a crystal decanter, a seal that appears to be plastic, and a long handle or plunger for inserting the seal and twisting it on and off.  No canisters of gas required.

wine-squirrel-decanter-2Simply pour the wine into the decanter.  Attach the seal to the plunger and push it down in the decanter until it reaches the wine.  Turn clockwise to tighten.  Done.  The oxidizing air has been removed and cannot re-enter.  As you can see from the nearby photo, the seal is really tight so the decanter can be stored horizontally or turned upside down and there’s no leak.  To release, turn counter clockwise and remove seal.  Ah ha.  Perfectly preserved wine.

The description on Kickstarter suggests the wine will keep for weeks.  With all the oxygen removed and the remaining wine sealed from exposure to the air, it should last indefinitely.  But the rationale behind Wine Squirrel isn’t indefinite longevity.  It is to allow the user to enjoy a glass from a really nice bottle of wine and not worry about the rest spoiling if they don’t have the opportunity to polish it off for a few days (or weeks).

There are two helpful videos on Kickstarter including one demonstrating how to use the device.  Wine Squirrel is the invention of wine loving physicist Tony Gonsalves of Berkeley, California. He and his attorney brother Maurice, also a wine lover, have formed Forever Products LLC , which Maurice runs.

The Wine Squirrel will ship in November retailing for $85.00.  There are still categories with discounts available on Kickstarter, especially for multiple purchases.  It’s a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys wine so signing up for two or even three could be a Christmas shopping solution.