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Arizona the Next Hot Spot For U.S. Winemaking?

azDecember 22, 2016 – It isn’t meant to be a pun but it turned out that way!  We came across an article on that is quite fascinating and since we have respected and admired James Suckling’s writing for years, we think you’ll like it too.

Years ago we read about an outstanding chardonnay from Arizona but short of visiting the winery, there was no way to check it out (and now we’ve forgotten the name of the winery!)  We haven’t paid much attention to Arizona since then, but it seems many brave souls are weathering Arizona’s climate extremes (another pun, sorry) and questionable soil to produce wines of considerable distinction.  Check it out.  You may find yourself in Arizona and now you’ll know what to drink or at the very least, you can throw out a few bon mots and gotchas the next time a wine-know-it-all is hogging the conversation around the dinner table