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At Last A Drip-Free Wine Bottle!

April 13, 2017 — A biophysicist at Brandeis University has finally figured out a way to stop wine bottles from dripping.  Daniel Perlman is an inventor of considerable renown with over 100 patents to his name.  He is also a wine-lover who was tired of red wine dripping down the bottle, making a mess and ruining tablecloths.

Wine bottles haven’t changed much since the 1800s so wine has been dripping messily all that time and no one had a solution.  Sure, wrapping the bottle in a napkin like restaurants do works as does Drip Not, a flexible disk that inserts into the bottle neck.  It works well.  But Perlman’s idea was to find a solution that didn’t require an extra tool.

For three years he studied slow-motion videos of wine pouring out of the bottle and came to the conclusion that drippage was especially egregious when the bottle was full.  The stream of wine curls back over the lip and runs down the side because glass is hydrophilic meaning it attracts water.  Assisted by engineer Greg Widberg using a diamond-studded tool, a groove was cut around the bottle’s neck just below the top.  Now the wine, unable to traverse it, succumbs to gravity and drops into the glass as it should.  Tests proved the perfect width to stop the wine was a groove about 2 millimeters wide by about 1 millimeter deep.  Watch the YouTube video below.

Currently David Perlman is talking to bottle manufacturers about adopting his design.  Wineries should demand it, as should consumers, and we hope he makes a million bucks.  Bravo!