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Wine Squirrel – Perfect Wine Preserver & Perfect Gift

November 24, 2017 – At last we’ve found the solution to saving leftover wine perfectly.  Over the years we’ve tried various gizmos, some that sort of worked, others that didn’t.  Then we saw Wine Squirrel on Kickstarter and chipped in a few bucks because it sounded really interesting and made a whole lot of sense.

We’ve been testing it for quite a while and are happy to report it is easy to use, effective, affordable and elegant.  Promise fulfilled!

Here’s how it works.  Pour leftover wine into the elegant crystal decanter. Slowly push the seal down just until it reaches the wine.  This movement pushes the air out of the decanter. Turn the knob clockwise to engage the seal with the decanter and you are done.  Put the decanter in the refrigerator.  The handle can be removed for easy storage.

To serve the wine, if you’ve removed the handle, just re-engage it with the seal in the decanter.  Tiny magnets lock the two pieces.  Turn the knob counter clockwise to release the seal and withdraw it from the decanter.  The instructions are easy to follow and include illustrations.

The very first wine we tested proved that Wine Squirrel did indeed succeed in removing the oxygen, wine’s enemy when it comes to storage.  We opened a 1994 Napa Cabernet from a very well known winery.  It was affected by Brettanomyces, a naturally occurring yeast that can create a barnyard smell.  By swirling the wine to add some oxygen – in this case, oxygen is wine’s best friend – the odor blew off and the wine tasted fine.  We stored about two-thirds of the wine in the Squirrel.  Testing it the next day, the barnyard smell was good and strong, which proved oxygen had been successfully kept out.  We swirled our sample to oxygenate it and it tasted the same as the day we opened it.  The last third was sampled about four days later.  Barnyard was still there and following our usual steps, the wine tasted fine.  This was proof positive that Wine Squirrel preserves wine exactly as it is when poured into the decanter.

We’re usually not too thrilled to encounter Brett, as the industry calls Brettanomyces, although it is harmless, but in this case, it turned out to be fortuitous.  The stink from the Brett had not ameliorated one iota in the stored wine.

We have tested many bottles since the initial experiment ranging in price from under $10 to around $100 and we’ve been very pleased with the results.  Wine Squirrel is our liberator!  Now we can open any bottle, any time, have a glass and stash it in the fridge for later.  No gas canisters, no needles, nothing to plug in.  What could be easier?  Just think of the prospects with two Wine Squirrels – a red and a white wine open at the same time.  Way to go!

Liberate yourself and your friends to enjoy more wine without fear of spoilage and waste.  Everyone who loves a glass of wine should own a Wine Squirrel.  It is a wonderful and thoughtful gift, too, and can be ordered online at where you can read more details and view a video.

Click this link if you are interested in reading more about Brettanomyces.