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Star Trek Vodka is a Stellar Idea


July 26, 2018 – Suddenly the Cosmo cocktail will have a whole new meaning.   Silver Screen Bottling Company is collaborating with CBS Consumer Products to market a luxury vodka blended with vodka that has traveled beyond Earth.



Named Ten-Forward Vodka, for the bar on the Starship Enterprise-D, each bottle will contain some vodka from a small batch that will be sent via balloon into the mesosphere, which is right above the stratosphere but below the thermosphere, but of course you know all that.  There’s no word on exactly how much is being sent or how long it will be up there.  A high altitude balloon is not nearly as exciting as a rocket but it will have to do.


When the vodka returns to earth “it will be carefully protected” from what we don’t know and can’t imagine, and it will be blended into terrestrial Ten-Forward vodka so that there will be some space vodka in every bottle.  That’s what blending does. Duh.

Pricing and availability

Trekkers can now space out with an other-worldly vodka and admire the snazzy bottle designed by Star Trek graphic designer Michael Okuda.  It is expected to be available in September priced at $29.99.


James T. Kirk bottle

We can see Ten-Forward Vodka bottle being added to Star Trek collections or gracing a bar right next to the handsome James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottle.  We might even do this ourselves.