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Yellow Tail Owner Facing Jail Time

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July 27, 2018 – A member of the family that owns the famous Australian wine brand, Yellow Tail, will be spending a couple of years in the Big House, according to the Brisbane Times.

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Marcello Casella, described as a winemaker and businessman, changed his not guilty plea to guilty for concealing a marijuana farm with about 3000 plants.  He resigned as a director from Casella Family Brands in 2014 when the farm was busted and he was arrested.  The family business is reputed to be worth $A1.5 billion.


Mr. Casella is alleged to have provided financial backing to his friend Luigi Fato and a dozen others.  He also provided expertise on cultivation and irrigation methods for the cannabis farm which he visited three times, according to the police.  Phone taps confirmed that he knew about the plan to cultivate thousands of plants.

He is charged with concealing knowledge of an illicit enterprise, which could get him up to two years in jail.  If so, he likely won’t be drinking any wine with dinner for quite a while.  Remember the Super Bowl ads with the man in the bright yellow suit?  It would be too funny if the penitentiary uniforms are bright yellow.  We’ll never know but the irony would be delicious.