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How to Become a Master of Wine

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August 17, 2022 – You may have heard or seen someone referred to as Master of Wine or MW and wondered what really qualifies someone to use this term after his or her name.  And as someone interested in wine, you may have wondered if you could qualify too.  Well, here’s your chance to check it out.

The Institute of Masters of Wine has published the questions from the 2022 MW exam, held July 26 to 29, including the list of wines for the practical (tasting) part of the exam.  The complete list of wines can be found here, along with the accompanying questions. The list also shows the questions from the theory component of the MW exam. 

The practical and theory exams form the second stage of the MW study program. Over four days students had three 12-wine blind practical papers and five theory papers on the subjects of viticulture; vinification and pre-bottling procedures; handling of wines; the business of wine; and contemporary issues.

Those who successfully pass the stage two theory and practical exams will progress to stage three, the research paper, which is the final stage of the MW study program.

The first step is the stage one assessment, a one-day exam comprising a 12-wine blind tasting exam in the morning and a theory exam in the afternoon.  This was held on July 25.  Students can only progress to stage two of the MW study program by successfully passing the stage one assessment.

The list of wines and questions used in the stage one assessment can be found here.

The Institute of Masters of Wine got its start nearly 70 years ago and now has 418 members in 30 countries.  I’ve known quite a few MWs and while they are justifiably proud of their accomplishment, they are the furthest thing from being wine snobs.  They are a convivial group of people who love to share their wine passion and help others enjoy and appreciate wine.  There is much more news and information on the Institute of Masters of Wine website.