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Now That’s The Spirit!

We all heard those words of praise and encouragement growing up but that’s not what we have in mind. We came across some fascinating statistics in The Economist that could be a fun party quiz or at the very least an icebreaker.


So what country drinks the most vodka? That’s an easy one. We all know it is Russia. In fact, Russians consume a whopping 13.9 liters per person. The US comes in second for total consumption but only 1.9 liters per person, so we are way down the list in seventh place.


How about rum? You’ll never guess. It’s India. Again, the US comes second but when it comes to per person, Cuba takes the prize with 4.9 liters per person. In the US, we only drink 0.6 liters.


The next two you’ll never guess. Gin – #1 consumption the Philippines; #2 USA. However, when we look at per person, the USA is behind the Philippines, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. Moving on to Scotch Whisky, France leads all other countries by quite a lot.
Une grande surprise!


Lastly, Tequila. No surprises there. We’re number one in total consumption but our Mexican neighbors consume more than double per person.