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Budweiser’s Zip Code Beers Return



“Project 12” is the name given to beers produced by Budweiser’s 12 brewmasters scattered across the country.


Each brewmaster is charged with producing a beer that reflects his location while staying true to the company’s roots and using the same yeast strain that Budweiser has been using since 1876 when the brewery was founded.


The flavors this year come from Vacaville, CA brewed with North Pacific hop varieties (zip code 94534); another from Williamsburg, VA has been aged on a bed of bourbon barrel staves and vanilla beans (zip code 23185); the third is from Columbus, OH 43229 where the beer was brewed chocolate and caramel malts.


In 2012, the beer created in Los Angeles was so popular that Budweiser renamed it Budweiser Black Crown and added it to their lineup.


From a behemoth brewery’s point of view, Project 12 gives them an opportunity to interact with consumers, get feedback and increase the consumer’s favorable perception of the brand.