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Starbucks’ New Cocktail – Beer and Espresso

October 14, 2016 – Can’t quite imagine how it tastes, but Starbucks’ Espresso Cloud IPA looks like something anyone with an ounce of sophistication ought to be drinking. If there’s a Starbucks Evening store near you, you can try it and tell your friends. And tell us too!

According to the company, the drink is made by shaking espresso over ice with orange chunks and a hint of vanilla, and pouring that foam on top of the beer. But progress being what it is, the creator Justin Burns-Beach, who led Starbucks’ Research & Development team, decided to pour the espresso into the beer. It does look quite marvelous as the foam rises and the coffee swirls.

Watch it here:

You get the drift. If pouring espresso into an IPA isn’t your idea of how to drink a beer, you can have the coffee on the side.

But nobody is saying what it tastes like.