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Beer is Better for Bones According to PETA

October 20, 2016 – Those rabble-rousers, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are running billboards near the University of Wisconsin—Madison, with the message that beer is better for bone and heart health than milk. We’re all for treating animals with respect and kindness but frequently, animals are better behaved than some of the strident members of PETA.

We’re all for drinking beer, too, but giving the green light to immature and inexperienced students at a university with the dubious ranking of the nation’s top party school is irresponsible. The ads appear on bus stops near the campus with a side-by-side comparison showing that beer, not milk protects bone and heart health.

Questions have been raised about the efficacy of dairy products in building strong bones weighed against the negative effects of dairy on obesity, heart disease and other less devastating but annoying conditions. However, the same goes for alcohol. Moderate drinking can do some good. Getting pie-eyed doesn’t. Unfortunately, PETA’s ad doesn’t include a warning about moderation.

When it comes to a diet rich in calcium, a study by Harvard recommends adding certain green vegetables and other steps, not drinking beer.

Whether it is dairy, meat, booze or bananas, our mantra is everything in moderation and that includes the party animals at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Hey, PETA, here are some “animals” that really need protecting.